November 20, 2018

Business Profile


NATCOM is a Hi-Tech company that serves a wide industrial base in Egypt and the Middle East. The company was established in 1989 and soon developed to become the market leader in its technology area.

Business Field & Market

The company’s business is centered around the concept of providing advanced technology solutions to a wide range of industries in Egypt and Middle East to enhance the performance, reliability, and profitability while reducing or eleminating unnecessary overhauls and maintenance of critical production assets such as motors, turbines, compressors, fans, generators, etc.

NATCOM helps its clients achieve their goals in today’s tough competitive markets through the application of advanced Asset Management Solutions using Hi-Tech products, on-site services, and technology training.


The Team

NATCOM's team includes some of the most capable Engineers in today's industry in our field of operation. Our Engineers go through a very selective process of recruitment, then they go through a comprehensive specialized knowledge and technology training through professional courses and on the job training in the fields of vibration, motor diagnostics, precision alignment and balance, etc till they reach the required level of in field knowledge and experience. Several levels of assessment are conducted to our engineers to ensure the quality of the service they provide to our clients.


Business Units

Technoloy Affiliates
NATCOM is a local business partner of several 
global companies that are technology and market leaders in their respective areas.



NATCOM serves a wide variety of customers in different industruial sectors, including:

  1. Oil & Gas.
  2. Chemical & Petro Chemical.
  3. Power Generation, 
  4. Cement & Building Materials.
  5. Steel & Primary Metals.
  6. Paper & Pulp.
  7. Water & Waste Water treatment.
  8. Food Processing.
  9. Pharmacuticals.
  10. Transportation (Air, Land, and Sea).
  11. Mining.
  12. Military,
  13. Others.

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