October 19, 2018

Products & Systems


NATCOM offers the most complete and comprehensive asset management solutions that includes software and hardware products, services, and support. Products range from Online Protection, Predition, Performance monitoring to portable devices for vibration analysis, alignment & balance, and much more.

      Portable Systems

  • Vibration Analyzers & Data Collectors.
  • Reciprocating Machinery Analyzers
  • Motion Amplification
  • Laser Alignment
  • Dynamic Balancing.
  • Motor Diagnostics
  • Airborne Ultrasonics
  • Infrared Thermal Imaging
  • Sound Measurements / Acoustics.
  • Lubrication Analysis

      Additional Products

  • Environmental Measuring Equipment.
  • Infrared Thermometers
  • Tachometers and Strobes
  • Precut Alignment Shims and shim roll stock.

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      Online Systems

  • Turbo Machinery Control Systems.
  • Online Protection Monitoring (Vibration).
  • Online Prediction Monitoring (Machine Health).
  • Online Safety Protection and Condition Monitoring for Reciprocating Compressors and Engines.
  • Performance Monitoring (Heat Rate Efficiency).
  • Wireless Online Vibration Monitoring.
  • Vibration Sensors / Transmitters / Switches


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Electro Hydraulic Actuation

  • Electraulic Technology
  • Linear Actuators
  • Rotary Acturators.
  • Damper Drives.


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Engineered Components

for Reciprocating Compressors

  • Valves
  • Packing 
  • Piston rings
  • Riders
  • Wipers 
  • Piston Rods 
  • Pistons
  • Cases
  • Cylinders and liners


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Engineered Components for Rotating Machinery

A complete range of components for critical rotating production equipment such as gas turbines, steam turbines, centrifugal and axial flow compressors, generators, etc.(irrespective of the original brand or make), and covered by an OEM Like manufactrur warranty. The components are reverse engineered and manufacturered with the highest technology, quality, and precision. 

  • Spare parts manufacturing and reverse engineering.
  • Complete Overhauls.
  • Partial Overhauls.
  • Turn Arounds,
  • Shutdown Activities.
  • Supervision and field services.
  • Engineered solutions.
  • Upgrades and Re-Rating.

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