November 20, 2018

Machinery Health / Condition Monitoring Services


  • Vibration Analysis:

Single and Multi-channel analysis of rotating equipment vibrations provide extrelemy useful information about machine's health condition and help making critical and timely maintenance decisions. Developing mechanical, electrical, and operational faults are accurately identified and their criticallity determined. NATCOM offers to its clients routine / predictive maintenance contract services and on-call troubleshooting services.

  • Precision Alignment & Balance:

NATCOM offers quick and precise alignment and balancing services using the latest and greatest technology from the world leading technology providers. State-of-the-art tools covered by highly skilled world class engineers who have extensive experiece, passion, and committment represent our greatest asset. Over the past 20+ years, NATCOM's staff accomulated extensive experience through solving many tough problems in almost all types of industries, and applications.

  • Motor Diagnostics: 

Electric Motors drive all sorts of rotating equipment in all industries and therefore represent by far the lagest and greatest population of any type of machines running in today's industry. Electric motors suffer from mechanical problems jut as any mechanical piece of equipment does, but they also suffer from electrical problems related to their specific design: ie Rotor, Stator, control circuits, electric supply, etc.. Insulation failure and especially in the stator develop quite fast and often go undetected even if the motor is monitored using vibration analysis and other online protection systems.

Modern electric motor monitoring technology uses Motor Current Signature Analysis, Power Analysis, Fault Zones, Magnetic Flux Analysis, Thermal Analysis to accurately monitor the motor condition and trend the deterioration enabling early action to be taken to prevent catastrophic failures and plan maintenance accordinly saving industry millions of dollars of lost production and expensive equipment failures.

NATCOM offers world class motor monitoring services to help its clients take advantage of this powerful technology to prevent failures and stay profitable. Contact us for more details.

  • Infrared Thermography:

Infrared Thermal Imaging is a very powerful tool in detecting anamolies in electric systems, mechanical systems, insulation, production equipment, etc. it helps save expensive and distructive failures.

NATCOM offers first class Infrared Thermal Imaging services to its clients helping them save their operations very expensive failures. Whether your operation is large or small, producting steel, cement, paper, food, electricity, etc. you will find our IR services second to none and are worth every $ you invest in it. We will be more than happy to offer you our services.

  • Lubrication Analysis:

Oil is the blood of your machines. It must be kept "Clean", "Dry", and "Fit for Use". By monitoring the condition of machinery lubricating oil for solid and liquid contamination, chemical degradation, and wear debris you will be able to detect problems in the oil that would cause or indicate the presence of serious problems in your critical production assets. Monitoring industrial lubricating oils more frequently by the maintenance personnel enables detecting problems early enough before serious damage occurs and adjusting oil change intervals to the optimum ensuring highest economy with safety. Measuring and evaluating the condition on new and incoming oils ensures putting the right and clean oil into machines preventing serious problems.

Free oil analysis frequently offered by oil suppliers present very little information about your machinery health and have limited value when it comes to providing the right and necessary information that you need to manage your production asset.

NATCOM offers Industrial Oil Analysis according to ASTM standard Practice # D7416-08, ISO & NAS cleanliness codes, and Wear Debris Analysis identifying the root cause of machinery wear. Oil Sample test results are reported electronically in 2-3 days maximum.

Call us for further information, and let our machinery health specialist help you manage your lubricating oils.

  • Motion Amplification:

Motion Amplification is a new technology that uses special high speed (high frame rate) Industrial digital Camera to capture videos of any object that may appear stand still to the human eye. The ystem then amplifies the motion and produces a new video that shows the motion and measures displacement and frequency anywhere in the image. Motion Amplification Technology enables you to see the unseen. Motion Amplification technology can be described as “Visual Vibration” or “Non-Contact Vibration”, see an example here.

NATCOM is certified full “Motion Amplification” service provider by the inventor and the patent holder RDI-Technologies, Inc.

For further information about our services, please Contact Us

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