Filtration & Polishing

Filtration Rigs

Filtration Rigs - Filtertechnik design and manufacture oil and Glycol purification (polishing) systems, which assist in overcoming industry challenges associated with contamination. Details.. 

Filter Housing

We supply a wide range of pressure filter housings suitable for a variety of hydraulic filtration and lubrication applications. With Filtertechnik’s 25 years combined experience and expertise Details.. 

Filter Elements

If price, quality and availability are your primary concerns then Filtertechnik are the filtration supplier you should be talking to. Details.. 

Fuel filtration

Mobile machines and commercial vehicles are subject to the toughest working conditions all over the world.  These conditions can lead to engine failure, breakdowns, contaminant entry and expensive service interventions. Details.. 

Bulk Diesel Filtration

Oil water separation and fluid cleanliness are possibly the most prominent signs of a diesel fuel filter working properly. Bulk fuel and bulk oil that is well maintained can reduce and prevent unplanned downtime and repair costs. This also improves equipment fuel system reliability and maintains factory efficiency and emissions for extended periods of time.Details.. 

Tanks Accessories and Breathers

Filtertechnik offer a line of complete package solutions called the TNK Roto-Molded Tank Package series. Available in 15, 70 and 95-litre configurations, the TNK comes complete with a Schroeder Tank-Mounted Return Filter. Details.. 

Air Breathers / Desiccant Air Breathers

Air breathers are vital to the cleanliness of the hydraulic reservoir and fluid. Air contains water, microscopic particles and microorganisms that can cause serious damage to hydraulic components if not removed from the air prior to it entering the reservoir. Details.. 

Oil Sight Glasses

Our oil sight glasses provide maintenance and lubrication management professionals a complete and immediate visual oil analysis. It is necessary for maintenance personnel to be able to quickly determine the condition of a circuit’s fluid with visual inspections. Details.. 

Suction Separators and Strainers

Protecting the pump is an integral step in ensuring system longevity. Installing a suction strainer will stop the larger pieces of unwanted debris from entering the suction line causing catastrophic problems downstream. Details..