NATCOM Technology Solutions, products, and services allow various industries improve the efficiency of their production facilities / assets while reduce operation and maintenance expenditure resulting in higher competitive ability and increased market share.

• Maximizing maintenance efficiency through regular scheduled maintenance at convenient times
• Minimizing production losses by identifying minor problems before they contribute to catastrophic equipment failure
• Decreasing operating costs by scheduling downtime and repairs during off-peak demand times
• Increasing profitability through reducing operating costs and production losses
• Increasing return on investments (ROI) by maintaining assets.

Industries Served


Oil & Gas

Upstream, Midstream, Downstream, Exploration, Drilling, Oil & Gas Production, Refining and Processing, Compression & Export.

Food Processing

Edible Oils, Sugar Industries, Wheat & Grain Mills, Diaries & Food Packaging.

Water & Waste Water Treatment Plants

Transportation: Air, Land, and Sea

Power Generation

Commercial & Industrial Power Production Plants involving Fossil, Steam, Gas, and combined cycle units.

Chemical & Petrochemical

Fertilizers Production Plants, Chemical Products, Petrochemical Production Plants.



Steel & Primary Metals

Steel Production, Steel Rolling, Aluminum Production, Aluminum Rolling.

Cement & Building Materials

Cement, Gypsum, Glass, Insulation Materials, etc.

Research & Development


Paper & Pulp, And Packaging

Pulp & Paper Production, Recycling, Packaging Materials Production Plants.

Industrial Gases Production



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