Oil Life Extension


DECON AO™ is a critical step in our mission to reduce unnecessary oil waste and production by transforming your lubes into Fill4Life™ fluids. We’ve created proprietary technologies that can both replace depleted antioxidants in oil and eliminate deposits and varnish from the system. Details..

Decon AW

Decon AW: DECON AW is a superior hydraulic fluid enhancer solution that elevates in-service oil into an antioxidant and anti-wear system. With DECON AW, the hydraulic oil will withstand extremely high thermal loads, and your machinery and equipment will have a longer service life. The DECON AW is part of our Fill4LifeTM program. Details..

Boost AO

Boost AO offers two main advantages to industrial facilities. One, it eliminates the need to change oils because it replenishes the additives and consequently extends the oil’s life. It reduces expenditure and makes operations more cost-effective. Details..

Infinity Turbine Oil

Never Change Your Turbine Oil Again – 
The Last Turbine Oil You’ll Ever Need.
Fill4Life™ is Here - Introducing Infinity TO, a product, which after years of simulated stress tests, has created virtually no varnish producing by-products. Details..