Oil Treatment
Vita ESP

Vita ESP: ESP technology relies on the principles of “chemisorption.” ESP selectively removes oil degradation products that are in suspension or in solution without disturbing the fluid’s additive system. Details.

Vita ESP

Decon: Quickly dissolves varnish and organic deposits from machine internals, effectively decontaminating your material assets. It reduces the oil’s varnish potential and offers long-term protection against deposits and sludge. Details..

Boost VR+

Boost VR+: improves the solubility of the in-service hydraulic oil and as a result, varnish and sludge dissolve back into the oil. Compared to other varnish removal solutions, Boost VR+ creates a cleaner. Details.. 

Endure IX™

Endure IX: is a proprietary technology that removes all forms of phosphate ester degradation products. In addition to all types of acids, the absorption media removes phenolic alcohols which are responsible for varnish formation in EHC systems. Details.. 

Stealth EHC™

Stealth EHC™ uses patented technology that removes moisture from phosphate ester fluids by introducing a steady stream of clean, dry air in the reservoir.

Spark free

Spark free: Electrostatic discharge sparks reach temperatures of greater than 10,000C. Antioxidant packages deplete and degradation products are produced. Details..