Stable, precise, and accurate actuation of final control elements is the key to stable process automation. REXA Inc. USA offers a unique Electraulic™ Technology that offers the best linear and rotary actuation system combining the low to none maintenance with excellent performance.

Electraulic™ Technology is a revolutionary brand of electro-hydraulic actuation unique to REXA. It combines the simplicity of electric operation, the power of hydraulics, the reliability of solid state electronics, and the flexibility of user configured control.

Electraulic™ Technology is comprised of two major components; the mechanical sub-assembly and the electrical sub-assembly. Each component plays a critical role in combining the benefits of major actuator types (pneumatic, electric, hydraulic), while eliminating the drawbacks of each technology. The foundation of Electraulic™ Technology is the patented breakthrough in hydraulic circuitry called the Flow Match Valve System. In conjunction with a bi-directional gear pump coupled to either a DC stepper or AC servo motor, this system is best described as a highly-efficient method of pumping hydraulic fluid from one side of a double-acting cylinder to the other.

REXA’s applications extended to virtually any type of process valves & rotating equipment such as steam & gas turbines.

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