Electric Motors are by far the largest number of any rotating assets in any production facility. Electric motors drive at least 95% of the production assets, Turbines, and Reciprocating Engines drive the remaining 5%. The health of electric motors is therefore very critical to plant reliability and availability, as well as to economic running of the plant.

Electric motors suffer from faults / health issues that are intrinsic to their design. Faults in electric motors are of: Mechanical nature (such as bearing problems, alignment, balance, etc.), electric nature (insulation degradation in both rotor and stator, motor circuit problems, and electric supply problems).

Electric motor health is adversely affected by its mechanical health and vice versa. Vibration monitoring is useful and is indispensable tool in finding mechanical related problems but provides very little information about the electric motor health, specially relating to the most critical one (insulation failure).

Managing motor health using proper monitoring and diagnostic technology provides not only early warning of developing problems but also help fix problems that can cause to eventual failure of the motor.

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