Lubricant in a machine is very similar to Blood in Human. It is vital to the health and life of the machine. It also contains lots of vital information about the asset health. The lubricant needs to be “Clean”, “Dry”, and “Fit For Use”. This means that it has to be:
1. Clean of both solid and liquid contaminants.
2. Free of Water.
3. Chemically and Physically Healthy.
Monitoring Oil Condition helps detect developing problems in the machines they lubricate as well as the degradation of oil condition itself.

By applying proper monitoring techniques for detecting and trending both solid and liquid contamination, Chemical Condition, and wear parts that may be contained in the oil, we can achieve high level of machine reliability while reduce operating and maintenance cost.

“Lube Care” should be at the heart of the maintenance team. Lube care and mitigation of lube related problems can help save huge amounts of money spent unnecessarily. Technology has advanced to unprecedented levels enabling “Fill-For-Life” oil usage while maintaining machines at the highest levels of reliability and economy of operation.

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