Lubricant Condition Monitoring

MPC Color allows real time on- site determination of present condition of your rotating equipment through the use of color range testing of solid surfaces and liquids.


The RULER View provides the full picture of a fluid’s antioxidant additive health – it’s a window into the health of your lubricant. This technology is a critical part of an effective condition monitoring program. Details..

Particle Pal Plus

Incorporates all the benefits of digital imaging particle counting into a compact case, Full-spectrum ISO counts, bubble elimination plus ISO counts are not being affected by phantom particles/oil additives which is a known issue with laser technology. Details.. 

TAN Delta

OQSx-G2 -Tan Delta’s Full Spectrum Holistic (FSH) technology provides unique real-time analysis of oil condition. FSH technology monitors any oil, in any application in real-time. Any change in quality is instantly detected, accurately measured and reported. Details..

Remaining Oil Life Portable Test Kit

Filtertechnik Ltd have developed easy to use software to enable you to get the remaining oil life from the oil in your system utilizing Tan Delta’s oil degradation sensor. Details..

Mobile Oil Tester (MOT) Kit

The Mobile Oil Tester (MOT) Kit enables you to quickly realise the benefits of the Oil Quality Sensor (OQSx-G2). It has been designed to be very easy to use and it will give you an immediate view of the quality of the oil being sampled. Details.. 

Patch Test Kit

The portable patch test kit enables you to quickly identify abnormal levels of contamination, wear debris and varnish in fluid power systems so that corrective actions can be scheduled. Details..

Universal Minimess® Oil Sampling Kit

The Universal Minimess® oil sampling kit contains all you need to be able to extract oil samples safely and effortlessly from almost anywhere on your machine or plant. Details..