User Intuitive Machinery Protection System Complemented With Advanced Diagnostics Capabilities


Machinery protection systems are one of the most critical safety systems on any piece of rotating equipment. The main function of any machinery protection system is to be able to shutdown machinery before the event of a catastrophic failure. However, given today’s competitive market, an additional functionality of such monitoring systems to be able to provide real-time diagnostics information on the mechanical health of such critical machinery has become a necessity.

AMS 6500 ATG Machinery Protection System


The Emerson AMS 6500 ATG system provide API 670 complaint machinery protection features along with next generation functionalities. The system is composed of only four components that together provide monitoring of virtually any type of measurement including shaft vibration, bearing vibration, axial displacement, shaft differential expansion, casing expansion, phase reference & speed, bearing temperature, and any process input relevant to machinery protection. With such simple architecture, users can save on fewer spare parts make the total cost of ownership less in comparison with other systems in the market.

The Emerson AMS 6500 ATG also interfaces with Emerson AMS software suite to provide real-time advanced transient diagnostics to help users identify mechanical faults developing within the machinery and in turn make the right decision when it comes to maintenance activities, therefore, reducing unexpected shutdowns and downtime by improving machinery availability and dependability.