Laser Alignment has been invented since 1985. It has become a basic and a necessary tool in any maintenance department. Laser can measure on longer distances (longer couplings), overcome bracket sag problems (gravity sagging), make calculations easier and faster.

Several producers of laser alignment products are on the market today offering different solutions and designs. However, the real edge is: who can do it “Faster and More Accurate”.

Machine Alignment is usually the last thing that is performed before putting the machine back in operation. Therefore, the person who is doing alignment is always under time pressure from operation to finish alignment as quickly as possible. In doing so, he may sacrifice the accuracy. Most systems on the market require several alignment steps to align the machine to accurate limits and this time consuming. Even with Laser Alignment devices, simple alignment jobs can take several hours.

However, modern technology and smart design makes it possible to align “Once” and shim “Once” (meaning in only one step a machine can be aligned from a rough condition or severe misalignment condition to an excellent alignment condition in just one step and as quickly as possible)!!

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