Wireless Vibration Monitoring is now possible due to the recent advents in communications. Using wireless monitoring sensors / transmitters saves time and money. It offers an indispensable opportunity to monitor important assets in the following situations:
1. Remotely located
2. Located in dangerous or hard to reach locations.
3. Located in areas where wired monitoring solutions cannot be used due to lack of availability of infrastructure such as cable racks, conduits, cables.
4. Cables are expensive to install.
Wireless vibration monitoring cannot be used for protection purposes but for prediction only. Due to the fact that when using wireless technology, the remotely located sensor must be equipped with batteries that will last long enough, data is collected on routine basis according to how the user sets the system up to optimize data collection. Protection requires milliseconds response time which cannot be attained by wireless technology yet.

However, wireless monitoring of vibration and other parameters related to assets is a valuable tool when applied properly and offer a solution that cannot be attained otherwise.

Vibration and Temperature data collected using wireless transmitters technology can be transmitted using either RF, WiFi, or GSM techniques and can be analyzed either on locally installed software or a remotely hosted (cloud based) application which enables it to be accessed from anywhere on portable devices.

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