Resonance Systems, Inc delivers high tech hardware and software solutions that allow its customers to monitor the performance and condition of their reciprocating and rotating equipment. When combined with our world class expert services this ensures that our customers stay supported with application support in addition to always being up to date on the latest technology. Resonance Systems staff bring many decades of reliability experience, specifically in reciprocating and rotating equipment, along with a customer focus and technology roadmap that has well equipped us for the needs of the 21st century market. 

Our four pillars that we have built the company on are: Customer Advocation and Support, Expertise, Flexible Modular Solutions, and Ease of Use. 

Resonance Systems, Inc. currently serves the following markets: Oil and Gas, Transportation, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Marine, Refining, and Mining.

Resonance Systems, Inc. has the expertise to provide guidance on how to best setup a program for monitoring all rotating and reciprocating machines as well as plant piping. The Resonance Systems, Inc. hardware and software are specially designed to collect parameters (pressure, vibration, temperature, ultrasonic, etc.) on these machines that will allow for analysis of the data for condition and performance.

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