Tan Delta in a word:

TanDelta Develops advanced real time oil analysis and analyric technologies and products with unique capabilities that enble operators of all types of equipment to significantly reduce operating and maintenance costs, improve efficiencies, and reduce carbon foot-print

TanDelta unique FSH™ core technology uses advanced real-time oil analysis and data analytics to determine true operational health tells you status in real time and identifies when equipment needs maintenance according to its specific operating condition.

TanDelta provides standard retro-fit products and solutions for equipment operators and customised solutions for original equipment manufacturers.


TanDelta core FSH™ technology is a unique combination of ultra-accurate electro-chemical oil analysis and data analytics. All wear and contamination is detected, measured and analysed in real-time, providing reliable information on the maintenance and health status of equipment.

FSH™ technology is unique in its ability to provide a complete holistic equipment monitoring solution whereby everything is seen and nothing is missed.

This unique capability delivers high quality data on your equipment maintenance status enabling consistent, reliable maintenance optimisation. We see what others don’t.

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