Emerson (USA) is the global leader in Control Solutions and Asset Management Technologies. Emerson develops and delivers Asset Management Solutions to industries around the globe. Machinery Health Management is the heart of Industrial Asset Management practices and solutions by applying predictive intelligence and protection capabilities to rotating equipment to improve reliability in the plant.


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AMS 2140 Family of Route-Based Vibration Analyzers

Route-based technologies allow users to collect data on the largest number of assets and still troubleshoot problems in the field.

AMS 6500 Machinery Health Monitor

The AMS 6500 Machinery Health Monitor delivers everything you need for asset prediction and process health analysis.

AMS Machinery Manager Software

Integrates multiple predictive maintenance techniques with comprehensive analysis tools to provide an easy and accurate assessment of the machinery health across different types of mechanical assets in your facility.

Edge Analytics Can Change the Way You Monitor Assets

With the AMS Asset Monitor, you can now get the benefits of online monitoring for your balance-of-plant assets. The AMS Asset Monitor is an edge analytics device utilizing CHARMs-based technology to collect both vibration and process data from BOP assets.