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NATCOM is a Hi-Tech company that serves a wide industrial base in Egypt and the Middle East. Founded in 1989, soon developed to become the market leader in its technology area.

The company’s focus is focused on providing advanced technology solutions to enhance the performance, reliability, and profitability of continuous processes/industries while reducing or eliminating unnecessary overhauls and maintenance of critical production assets such as motors, turbines, compressors, fans, generators, etc.

Featured Product


Vibration Analysis

Single and Multi-channel analysis of rotating equipment vibrations provide extremely useful information about machine’s mechanical health condition and help making critical and timely maintenance decisions. Mechanical, electrical, structural, and operational faults are progressing can be accurately identified and their... 

Precision Alignment & Balance

NATCOM field services reliability engineers deliver quick and precise alignment and balancing services using state-of-the-art technologies and products from the world leading technology providers. Our engineers have more than 50 years of accumulated experience across the process industry and helped solve many tough problems in almost...

Motor Diagnostics

Electric Motors drive all sorts of rotating equipment in all industries and therefore represent, by far the, largest and greatest population of any type of rotating equipment running in today’s industry. Electric motors suffer from mechanical problems just like any mechanical piece of equipment, but they also suffer from electrical anomalies...

Infrared Thermography

nfrared Thermal Imaging is a very powerful tool in detecting anomalies in electric systems, mechanical systems, insulation, production equipment, etc. it helps save expensive and destructive failures.
NATCOM offers first class Infrared Thermal Imaging services to help its clients avoid expensive and catastrophic...

Lubrication Analysis

Oil is the blood of your machines. It must be kept “Clean”, “Dry”, and “Fit for Use”. By monitoring the condition of machinery lubricating oils by routine sample analysis we can detect and trend the presence of solid and liquid contaminants, chemical degradation, additive condition, and wear debris. This enables taking actions ...

Motion Amplification

Motion Amplification is a new technology that uses special high frame rate industrial digital video technology to capture videos of any object that may appear stand still to the human eye. The system then amplifies the motion and produces a new video that shows the motion and measures displacement and frequency anywhere ...


Maintenance & Reliability

Portable Systems:
Online (Installed) Systems:

Turbo Machinery Control and Monitoring

Total Train Control, Anti-Surge, Load Sharing, Speed Control & Over-speed Protection,
Turbine control (steam and gas)...

Electraulic Actuation

Linear Actuators
Rotary Actuators
Damper Drivers.


Complete Turboexpanders
Turboexpanders pars.
Engineering Services for Turboexpanders.

Engineered Machinery Components

Full range of turbo machinery engineering services.
Reverse engineered parts.
Rotating & Reciprocating Equipment Overhauling.

Acoustics & Noise Monitoring

Sound Level Meters
Acoustic Analyzers
Noise Dose Meters....


  • Eng. Yasser Mansour
    The training course I attended at NATCOM is very useful & Important for all engineers who might be interested in vibration analysis, and for those who work as vibration analyst. This course will change the way they see and evaluate machinery vibrations, and it will help them increase their" diagnostic abilities.
    Eng. Yasser Mansour
    Spanish Egyptian Gas Co. - SEGAS
  •   I attended this course VA CAT 2 @ Natcom, it was Great. Eng Nader spared no effort through this course in the technical and experimental side .also using powerful animations that makes understanding much easier Each topic was covered with enough examples and time. As for the training room, it was neat and the staff was very welcoming & helpful. Looking forward to attending more training @ Natcom
    Eng. Mohamed Wahba
    Gulf of Suez Petroleum Co. "GUPCO"
  • Eng. Abdel Rahman Serry
    I would like to thank Natcom for this course it was great and well organized and special thanks to Eng.Nader Shafik Farah for his generous experience and knowledge transfer
    Eng. Abdel Rahman Serry
    Gulf of Suez Petroleum Co. "GUPCO"
  • Eng. Ahmed Ossama
    We consider NATCOM as a real partner not only a distinguished service provider. NATCOM is incredibly loyal to its customers and passionate about joint success. NATCOM performance has always been characterized by perfection, responsiveness, honesty and integrity. We share the eagerness for achieving world class Asset Management
    Eng. Ahmed Ossama
    Egyptian LNG
  • Eng. Ayman Gano
    I’m very pleased I had the chance of attending such a training course. The course exceeded my expectations. There were many sorts of useful information and experience exchange. I would like to thank everyone who made this course a real success.
    Eng. Ayman Gano
    Amreya Petroleum Co.
  • Eng. Wael Labib
    Dealing with NATCOM is something beneficial for the place I'm working in and for me. When I look for beneficial training courses, high quality products, technical support, best service after sale, commitment and creditability with customers I always find that with NATCOM.
    Eng. Wael Labib
    Assiut Cement - CEMEX Egypt

News & Events

September 18, 2023

Competitor Crusher: Victory in Displacement Award

NATCOM receives a prestigious award from Emerson for the exceptional performance and its unparalleled achievements in Emerson’s asset […]
May 13, 2019


April 7th, 2019 NATCOM is pleased to announce that NATCOM & Artesis have entered into a partner agreement […]
December 26, 2017

Emerson’s next-generation vibration analyzer

Emerson’s next-generation vibration analyzer enables faster data collection and analysis. CSI 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer
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